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Название: Каскады
Цена: 131.99 руб.
Товар: Универсальный в виде файла "cascade.zip" (181 кб)
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Описание: Описание товара Каскады

The object of Cascade is to maximize your score by forming multiple "cascades" with one die. A cascade is a ´4 of a kind´ or ´straight´ (of 4). When you form a cascade, those dice are removed and the remaining ones fall to fill any empty spaces directly below them. If those dice then form new cascades, they are also removed and scored. The game is over when you either cannot place your current die, or when you have played all the dice. When you place a die, your next die is taken from the bottom of the stack od dice to the left of the playing area.

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Загружен: 24 Сентября 2001 года, Понедельник
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